Sea of Thieves brings "on-demand PvP combat" in Season 8

By Heidi Nicholas,

Season 8 arrives very soon for Sea of Thieves, and Rare has detailed some of what we can expect — including "on-demand PvP combat."

Sea of Thieves Season 8 begins tomorrow, November 22nd, and there's a lot involved — just check out the reveal below.

Sea of Thieves Season 8 kicks off on November 22nd

So, to take things in the order they were revealed: you can choose to take part in on-demand PvP combat on behalf of either the Guardians of Fortune or the Servants of the Flame. You can choose your faction by using the hourglass on the Captain's table, and once you've chosen, you'll be visible as up for PvP combat — enemy ships will be able to go after you, too. Next to the hourglass is the war map, which you'll use to find an opponent, before plunging into the sea to resurface near your enemy. You'll fight in a specific area, and leaving this area will result in a win for your enemy, and a wrecked hourglass and sunken ship for you.

Your hourglass' worth increases with each victory, and fighting for either side also gets you Allegiance, as does bringing treasure onto a Faction ship. Winning against multiple foes kicks off an Allegiant streak, with more rewards for you; but if you become a Faction Champion, you'll be marked on the map table so anyone can try and take you down.

Season 8 also brings two new alignments with new cosmetics to be earned. More rewards are available for building up Allegiance with a faction — Allegiance level 100 unlocks new areas in either the Athena's Fortune tavern or the Reaper's Lair, depending on which faction you're with, with yet more rewards to be found as well as new characters.

Sea of Thieves Season 8 begins tomorrow, November 22nd — what do you think of Season 8's on-demand PvP combat? Let us know in the comments — and don't forget to check what's on the Xbox Game Pass horizon with our big list of all of the confirmed games coming to Game Pass!
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