New AAA Alien survival horror game in development — report

By Sean Carey,

A new AAA Alien survival horror game inspired by Dead Space and Resident Evil is reportedly in development.

According to a report from Insider Gaming, a new survival horror game based on the classic sci-fi franchise Alien is currently in development for current-gen consoles with a AAA budget.

New Alien AAA survival horror game reportedly in development for current-gen consoles

Insider Gaming claims that the Alien game, which is different from the Alien game Survios has in development, has been codenamed "Marathon," and that it is down for a "tentative" holiday 2023 release. Insider Gaming was unable to verify the developer behind the project but says the game is a survival horror title that will apparently take inspiration from other games in the genre, such as Resident Evil and Dead Space.

In addition to "Marathon," Insider Gaming's source says that a sequel to Alien: Isolation is also either currently in development or in the process of being pitched.

Of course, it's worth taking this information with a big pinch of salt and treating this as a rumour until there is some sort of official confirmation.

Earlier this year, we had two Alien games announced. One is a single-player action-horror game from developer Survios, and the other is a top-down real-time strategy game from Tindalos Interactive.

Alien: Isolation features on our list of the best Game Pass games, and we think it absolutely deserves a sequel. Would you be up for another Alien game? Let us know!
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