Dead by Daylight update seemingly fixes several buggy achievements

By Heidi Nicholas,

The Forged in Fog chapter which has just arrived for Dead by Daylight seems to have brought with it a number of achievement fixes.

The Forged in Fog chapter added six new achievements to Dead by Daylight, but it seems the update might also have fixed some other bugged achievements.

Dead by Daylight update addresses an issue with some achievements not tracking properly

According to Behaviour Interactive's patch notes, the game's latest update "Fixed an issue that caused kills and sacrifices not being properly tracked in emblems, challenges and achievements." According to the Dead by Daylight achievements, The Grand Sacrifice, an achievement in the base game which asks you to get four sacrifices in a single public match, is bugged — it's possible the update which brought Forged in Fog to Dead by Daylight has addressed this issue, although the achievement guides for this specific achievement haven't been updated yet to confirm this. However, TrueAchievements member Marcelo Perondi reports on one of our Dead by Daylight forum threads that they believe the update to have fixed not only The Grand Sacrifice achievement, but also the Evil Incarnate, All Aboard, and Devoted Gatekeeping achievements too, so it might be worth checking if you're still after those achievements.

Dead by DaylightThe Grand SacrificeThe The Grand Sacrifice achievement in Dead by Daylight worth 14 pointsIn a public match, get 4 sacrifices in a single match.

Dead by DaylightAll AboardThe All Aboard achievement in Dead by Daylight worth 20 pointsIn a public match, activate the Foghorn by repairing the generator in the Steamboat and escape.

Dead by DaylightDevoted GatekeepingThe Devoted Gatekeeping achievement in Dead by Daylight worth 50 pointsIn public matches, sacrifice all survivors before the last generator is repaired, 15 times.

Dead by DaylightEvil IncarnateThe Evil Incarnate achievement in Dead by Daylight worth 75 pointsIn a public match, kill all 4 survivors with the TIER III Evil Within.

Have you had any luck with those achievements since the update? What are your thoughts on Forged in Fog? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to check the list of all the games coming to Game Pass throughout 2022 and beyond!
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