Vampire Survivors free update tempts us back for another bite

By Luke Albigés,

Indie smash Vampire Survivors is set to drop its first content update today since hitting full release, adding a new stage, a character, an extra power-up, and a pair of new achievements, just in case 140 wasn't enough for you.

Vampire Survivors has been one of the surprise hits of 2022, with the one-man indie roguelite taking the gaming scene by storm even before it dropped into Xbox Game Pass last month. Today, it's getting its first content update since hitting full 1.0 release, adding a few extra goodies to tempt players back for that famous 'just one more run,' including two more Vampire Survivors achievements.

Vampire Survivors first free post-launch update due today

New stage Tiny Bridge lives up to its name, and the extemely narrow titular bridge makes for a long horizontal level where enemies are forced to bunch up — we can already think of plenty of weapons and builds that will likely be absolutely disgusting here. We also get an extra secret character in Scorej-Oni, who gets a free Lightning Ring every eight levels as a passive ability, freeing up a weapon slot and likely to be pure chaos with an AoE-centric build, especially if you're still able to grab (and upgrade) an actual Lightning Ring to really bring the thunder. A new power-up will let us banish select items from the loot pool so they'll never appear during your runs (see ya never, Shadow Pinion and cats), and the update also adds two new achievements.

Vampire SurvivorsSealThe Seal achievement in Vampire Survivors worth 17 pointsBanish 10 or more weapons in a single run.

Vampire SurvivorsTiny BridgeThe Tiny Bridge achievement in Vampire Survivors worth 37 pointsReach Level 80 in Inverse Gallo Tower.

Finally, the update will bring some fixes and improvements, so hopefully we'll see the progression-blocking bug that some players have encountered remedied.

Vampire Survivors' engrossing gameplay loop is what has won it so many fans this year, and the reason it's one of the best games on Game Pass. Will you be swarming back to the game to try out this new stuff for yourself? Let us know!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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