Elden Ring board game has already beaten Kickstarter goal 12 times over

By Heidi Nicholas,

Elden Ring: The Board Game still has a week to go before its Kickstarter deadline; however, given that it's already beaten that goal 12 times over, it doesn't seem like the project has too much to worry about.

An Elden Ring board game is on the way from Steamforged Games; the project went live on Kickstarter earlier in the week and still has a week left to go before its deadline, and yet has already raised over £1,890,000 of its initial £150,000 goal.

Elden Ring: The Board Game already has over 7,000 Kickstarter backers

Elden Ring: The Board Game had a Kickstarter goal of £150,000 and has already beaten it 12 times over; it's currently showing as having raised £1,892,370 from 7,725 backers, and that total is rising all the time.

"Return to your world, Tarnished. In this cooperative exploration board game of strategic combat set in the decaying Lands Between, danger and discovery lurk around every corner — from lowly Godrick soldiers to the Grafted King himself," Steamforged Games says.

"Build your overworld map as you explore Limgrave at will, gathering precious resources and engaging with NPCs. Discover new locations and uncover fragments of emergent narrative. Customise the build of your Tarnished and piece together your story in an epic campaign of evolving quests and side quests." Elden Ring: The Board Game features diceless "card-driven" combat, a "genuinely open-world feel," a 90+ hour replayable campaign, and more.

Steamforged Games previously enjoyed similarly explosive success with its Monster Hunter: World board game campaign, which managed to rack up almost £3.5 million in pledges... let's see if Godrick can take down Rathalos and Diablos before this campaign finishes.

What do you make of this project? Let us know in the comments, and check out our list of some of the best Xbox open world games if you're looking for more open world adventures!
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