Overwatch 2 reduces Battle Pass grind for new hero Ramattra

By Heidi Nicholas,

Game director Aaron Keller confirmed that Overwatch 2 will make Ramattra easier to unlock, while some weekly challenges will also be "easier to complete."

Overwatch 2's Season 2 begins later today, December 6th, adding Ramattra with the new season pass, as well as a new map, a new limited-time event, and more.

Ramattra joins Overwatch 2 with Season 2

Overwatch 2 players can either unlock Ramattra with the premium pass, or else grind their way towards unlocking him; he was originally expected to appear at tier 55 like Kiriko in Season 1, but Keller confirms this has changed. "Quick update on some changes coming to Season 2. After reviewing data for Season 1, we're moving Ramattra in to tier 45 of the Battle Pass and making a few more weekly challenges easier to complete," Keller explains.

Blizzard's plans for Season 2 include "catch up hero challenges," which allow new players, or those who missed out previously, to select a Challenge for the hero they're after before heading into the Practice Range to get up to speed with their abilities, before being challenged to win games.

Are you excited for Overwatch 2? Are you pleased Ramattra will be a little easier to unlock? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to check our list of some of the other best free Xbox games too!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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