Sea of Thieves outlines upcoming events and Season 8 changes

By Heidi Nicholas,

Rare has announced a few upcoming in-game events for Sea of Thieves, while also discussing some changes planned for Season 8.

Sea of Thieves' latest adventure is already live, but there are a few upcoming events to look out for too, as well as some planned updates for Season 8.
Sea of Thieves' Rogue's Legacy adventure is live now and runs until December 22nd. Then there's the Gifts and Glory event from December 23rd to the 26th, meaning any gold, allegiance, renown, or reputation you earn will be boosted, and you can also get a Gilded Voyage. From December 30th until January 2nd is Grogmanay, offering "grog-fuelled challenges" to unlock the Grogmanay event flag, the Bilge Rat celebration firework, and the Grogmanay annual tankard. Senior designer George Orton also runs through a few things that the team plans to tweak for Season 8, in particular the PvP elements, such as how much players are using Blunderbombs, or how often they're restocking their ships. Rare also has plans to improve matchmaking times based off player feedback.

Will you be heading into Sea of Thieves during these events? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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