The Haunted: Hell's Reach Announced for XBLA

By litepink, 7 years ago
ValuSoft, a division of THQ inc., were grand prize winners in the "$1 Million Intel Make Something Unreal Contest," for the mod titled The Haunted. The contest awarded money for the best and most innovative game mods for Unreal Tournament 3 on PC using the Unreal Engine. ValuSoft is taking that mod and turning it into a full fledged XBLA with The Haunted: Hell's Reach. The game will feature the Unreal Engine, but is unclear if the game will play like UT3 since its beginnings were that of a UT3 mod, or an entirely new game altogether. ValuSoft states the game will be ideal for horror enthusiasts and hardcore gamers alike.

In The Haunted: Hell's Reach, you do battle against the minions of hell with a "huge arsenal of deadly weapons and melee combat". Here's a list of the ambitious features being included:
-Rich blend of combat and action/adventure, set in eerily dark environments
-Intense gameplay and rich multiplayer modes
-30 stages spread over eight terrifying locations;
-More than 20 enemies;
-Four Human playable characters;
-Masses of upgradable weaponry: the knife upgrades to a chainsaw, witch hammer and glaive;
-Six secret weapons on each level;
-Four exhilarating and distinct game modes: Survival, Cooperative, Battle and Demonizer;
-Level events such as meteor showers and lightening storms affect game play;
-Restore your health and respawn your comrades by destroying the soul stones.
The Haunted: Hell's Reach is set for sometime in 2012, at an unspecified price, but we can probably expect it to be 1200 MSP to rival that of the PC price point.