Marvel's Avengers to end support and be delisted in September

By Luke Albigés,

Marvel's Avengers is in the endgame now — Crystal Dynamics has announced that support for the action-RPG will end in September when the game will also be delisted, and premium purchases will be removed in March.

The writing has been on the wall for the underperfoming Marvel's Avengers for a while, with a report that emerged in December suggesting the game would be shutting down this year. Now, Crystal Dymanics has confirmed this is indeed the case, outlining the roadmap for the game ahead of ending support and removing the game from sale on September 30th. Marvel's Avengers tried its luck at going toe-to-toe with the best games on Game Pass back in September 2021 — an 18-month deal would take it up to the removal of in-game purchases in March, which seems a likely time for it to leave the service, although a two-year deal would take it all the way up to September's end of support. Either way, Marvel's Avengers will certainly be leaving Game Pass some time this year, so we'll keep you posted.

Marvel's Avengers support to end in September alongside delisting

marvels avengers ending support delisted

"Update 2.7, which added the Winter Soldier Hero and Cloning Lab Omega-Level Threat, is the last new content to be added to the game," the team confirms in its 'final update' on the game. "No new cosmetics are coming to the Marketplace, and all final balance updates will occur in Update 2.8 in March." On the plus side, at the same time, every Outfit, Takedown, Emote, and Nameplate from the Marketplace, Challenge Cards, and Shipments will be made free for all players, while existing balances of premium currency Credits will be converted into in-game resources per the table above, as they will no longer be usable after this time when the premium store closes alongside the final balance update on March 31st.

Then, in September, Crystal Dynamics will be ending support for Marvel's Avengers entirely and delisting the game, and while it states that both solo and multiplayer play should still work fine after support ends, it does so with the caveat that any issues after this time will likely not be fixed: "The changes we are making to how the game functions will ensure as long a life as possible. However, after September 30, 2023, we can’t guarantee that we will be able to address issues that occur due to unforeseen circumstances." The team goes on to thank the game's community for their ongoing support. "We know this is disappointing news as everyone in our community has such a connection to these characters and their stories. We’re so, so grateful that you came on this adventure with us. Your excitement for Marvel’s Avengers — from your epic Photo Mode shots, to your threads theorising who our next Heroes would be, to your Twitch streams — has played a large part in bringing this game to life."

It doesn't sound like achievements should be impacted by this end of support since the game will apparently still be playable afterwards, but it might be an idea to get it finished up sooner rather than later if you're planning to do so, just to be on the safe side. Still need to get this one done? Let us know down in the comments how you're feeling about Marvel's Avengers getting Thanos-snapped...

Thanks to Ale386 and TangledAlloy21 for this news suggestion.
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