Kinect Bowling Ball Peripheral Announced

By Rebecca Smith, 8 years ago
Despite being advertised as a controller-less gaming experience, the Kinect Sensor has seen its fair share of accessories since its launch during the latter months of 2010. Granted, most of these have a practical use, i.e. mounts to attach the sensor to the top of your TV or wall, extension cables, or zoom gadgets to allow those with limited space a chance to use the peripheral. However, it is usually the useless unusual accessories that attract everybody's attention. Who could forget the ill-fated Game Boat peripheral for Kinect Adventures?

Well, have I now got the accessory for you, die-hard Kinect Sports fans! No longer will you throw your bowling balls into the gutters. Weighing in at a "modest" 0.5kg, the Kinect Bowling Ball (from an unspecified third-party manufacturer) will allow both adults and children to hone their bowling techniques so that they can aim for the elusive perfect game. The ball connects with the Xbox 360 without the need for a controller either, so your controller-less gaming experience can continue unabated.

Bowling ball peripheral

I'm sure that by now you have visions of smashed TVs or broken Kinect sensors. Fear not! The bowling ball has a wrist strap so that incidents like this one are unlikely to happen.

Just in case you were wondering, the peripheral is not just compatible with Kinect Sports. The bowling ball can be used with all bowling based Kinect titles i.e. Brunswick Pro Bowling (Xbox 360) and, umm, Game Party: In Motion.

Although the peripheral does not have a release date, the recommended retail price in the UK weighs in at £29.95 (that's $48.78 for those in the US). Look out for the Kinect Bowling Ball in a retailer near you!

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Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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