Jurassic Park: The Game Shows New Action Montage

By Mark Delaney, 7 years ago
Telltale Games, the critically-acclaimed indie development team responsible for the Sam & Max and CSI games, is getting ready for their next much-anticipated release, Jurassic Park: The Game.

Though Telltale often releases their games in episodes gradually, Jurassic Park will be available as a retail disc containing all of the episodes.

To excite fans of the series, Telltale has released this new action trailer showing off new characters and plenty of dinosaurs.

The game is the first in a series of future titles that will be released on Xbox 360 as part of a publishing agreement between the indie devs and Microsoft that was announced in April.

Look for Jurassic Park: The Game when it stomps into stores on November 15th in North America. Sadly, as of right now, there is no definite release date elsewhere in the world, but the developers are working on getting their new game to other markets.
Mark Delaney
Written by Mark Delaney
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