Xbox 360 delistings: Last call before store removals begin

By Sean Carey,

Loads of Xbox 360 games will be delisted from the 360 Marketplace soon, and while some will still be available to buy through the Xbox Store, others might be gone for good. Here is every game that could be delisted permanently.

Update: With some fairly big Xbox 360 Marketplace delistings set to begin over the next day or two, we thought we'd give this article a signal boost so people should (hopefully) still be able to grab what they want from the old store before those things are gone for good. Most games announced as part of this partial shutdown will still be available through the new store, but this article specifically deals with those that aren't available via the current Xbox store and only have old Marketplace listings. Get what you want, while you still can!

Original story: Microsoft is delisting multiple Xbox 360 games and their associated DLC from the Xbox 360 Marketplace in select regions starting February 7th. The list of games revealed is pretty lengthy, and while some will still be available to buy from the Xbox Store, others, such as Jet Set Radio, Dark Souls, and several Assassin’s Creed titles, will seemingly not be purchasable digitally.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood ~ HeroArt

We’ve gone through the list of games set to be delisted from the US region to see which games currently do not have an Xbox Store listing (or a complete one, at least) and will likely need to be purchased before February 7th, when they might disappear for good. To purchase these games, you will either need to look them up on an Xbox 360 console or the Xbox 360 Marketplace on the web.

It's worth noting here that this list is specifically for Xbox 360 stacks. For games such as Limbo, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and others, there are Xbox One stacks also available to buy that aren't going anywhere. If you are considering buying any of these games, be aware that some do have DLC packs that contain achievements that will also be delisted soon. For example, AC: Brotherhood, AC: III, AC: Black Flag, both Call of Duty titles, and both Left 4 Dead games all have DLC packs with achievements tied to them.

Xbox 360 games without Microsoft Store pages - US Region

If there are any games from the US list of 360 removals that don't have an Xbox Store page and we might have missed, let us know down in the comments, and we'll get them added.

Are you sad to see these games go? Will you be picking any up before the mass delisting? Let us know.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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