Hogwarts Legacy Map Chamber achievements add around eight hours to completion

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Hogwarts Legacy features four Xbox achievements for reaching the Map Chamber as a member of each House. Here is what you'll need to do if you'd like to earn each one and snag the completion.

If there is anything that could make an avid game completionist think twice about starting a game, it's having to run multiple playthroughs. The Hogwarts Legacy achievements feature not one, but four achievements requiring partial playthroughs, but not to worry, as you should be able to get through each run relatively easily — the required point you have to reach isn't that far into the game, so this should not add more than around 7-8 hours to the full completion once you know what you're doing. This is what you'll need to complete to earn The Gryffindor in the Graveyard, The Toast of the Town, The Auror's Apprentice, and The Wise Owl Xbox achievements in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy: The four Map Chamber achievements explained

hogwarts legacy map chamber achievement

To earn each of the four Hogwarts Legacy achievements, you'll need to play through the main quests until you reach the Map Chamber with four characters, each being a member of the Hogwarts Houses: Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. With cutscene skipping and bee-lining to the objectives, you can do a partial playthrough with each character in under three hours. We recommend you create the character you'd like to use for the entirety of the game and progress through the quests naturally so you can enjoy the story and events at your own pace before speedrunning as the other houses. This article is aimed towards giving players a look at what will be needed to get through the additional playthroughs as fast as possible. Please note, there will be spoilers below .

Assuming you've already had a run-through with your main character as a member of the House you'd like to be in for the remainder of the game, your follow-up runs should take less than three hours to complete each, which includes 13 quests and three Assignments. The majority of cutscenes in Hogwarts Legacy can be skipped by holding Y, and the dialogue scenes can be jumped through by tapping Y. Why? Y not? Okay, that's enough of that. It's also recommended to play it on Story difficulty, as it makes all combat encounters and spell learning a breeze. While numerous quests will become available as you make your way through, only the quests below will be needed to earn the achievement, which will also need to have specific assignments completed to learn the relevant spells to continue.

How to reach the Map Chamber in Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy map chamber achievement

Upon creating your character, you'll need to complete the introductory quest, The Path to Hogwarts, which will see you venture through numerous magical portals to locations like Gringots and a magical realm called the Athanaeum, as well as learn three basic spells: Lumos, Protego, and Revelio. The mission comes to an end once you've reached Hogwarts and chosen the House you'd like to be in — this is where you'll need to choose the achievement you'll be going for on this run. Once that's complete, the Welcome to Hogwarts quest will see you walk the halls of the famed school and receive your Wizard's Field Guide. Then it's off to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Class and Charms Class quests to learn the Levioso and Accio spells respectively, before embarking on the Weasley After Class quest to prepare for your first trip to Hogsmeade via the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest. Before you can do that, you'll need to complete your first assignment, titled Professor Ronen's Assignment to learn Reparo by putting your Accio spell to good use by collecting a couple of flying books. You'll notice a side quest in your logbook titled Crossed Wands: Round 1. We recommend you ignore this for now to save time, as both rounds will be prepared for when you need them in a little bit. Once that's complete, you'll be able to leave the school grounds and venture to the quaint village for the Welcome to Hogsmeade quest. Once there, you'll need to pick up supplies from Tombs and Scrolls, Ollivanders, J. Pippin's Potions, and The Magic Neep before defending the village from a troll... and put our Reparo spell to use fixing its mess.

With the fun at Hogsmeade now finished, we'll need to head back to Hogwarts for The Locket's Secret quest, which will in turn give you Professor Hecat's Assignment 1. To complete this, you'll need to partake in two rounds of Crossed Wands, as well as complete one spell combination practice in the same place. After that's complete, you'll learn the Incendio spell and receive the Secrets of the Restricted Section quest. This will be your first introduction to the sneaking mechanics used with the Disillusionment spell while breaking into the Restricted Section of the library, as well as some light puzzle elements found in the Athanaeum. With that complete, we'll need to follow the Tombs and Tribulations quest to receive the Herbology Class quest and learn about Chinese Chomping Cabbages. After you've finished with Herbology, you'll be given the The Girl from Uagadou and Potions Class quests. Head to the Potions class first, as it's just up the steps — during the quest, you'll be given the chance to help Weasely, but it doesn't matter if you choose to or not. Now you'll head over to Lower Hogsfield for The Girl from Uagadou quest, which will be a good opportunity to work on the Professor Hecat's Assignment 2 quest you were automatically given before Herbology. You'll need to complete it by dodge rolling away from enemy attacks and casting Incendio on enemies. We'll need the Expelliarmus spell it rewards later on. Head over to Lower Hogsfield and after speaking with your colleague you'll be given the Trials of Merlin quest, which will see you fight a handful of enemies and learn about Merlin Trials. After this, it's a case of popping to the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom to learn the Expelliarmus spell for the final stretch.

hogwarts legacy map chamber achievement

At this point, you'll receive a quest asking you to return to your Dormitory to meet someone. This quest will have a different name and set of objectives for each house, but they all lead you to the missing pages you need for the book you found in the Restricted Section. After you've completed the relevant objectives and met with Jackdaw, you'll receive the quest Jackdaw's Rest to travel to his final resting place in the Forbidden Forest. You'll need to pass through a nest of giant spiders on the way, which is a lovely way to prepare you for the spider-infested cave you're soon about to enter. Hint: they really dislike fire. It's only a short jaunt through the cave, which predictably offers up plenty of spiders to fight and the odd puzzle. At the end of the cave, you'll find Jackdaw's bones and the missing pages. After dispatching the knights at the end, you'll be able to enter a gate and, once you've had a small walk, you'll come to the Map Chamber, and unlock one of the four achievements.

All-in-all, once you've already done the run once or twice, the journey should take you less than three hours from start to finish. Playing on Story Mode makes it a cakewalk, but you do still need to do it three extra times after your first to grab the achievements for the other Houses, so it could feel like a bit of a slog — you might want to consider spacing out these restarted runs with fresh characters during your main playthrough to break them up a bit rather than doing them all at once.

Hope this helped, and best of luck with the completion!
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