NBA 2K12 Momentus Trailer is a Slam Dunk

By litepink, 7 years ago
2K Sports looks to gain momentum off last year's astounding success and drive forward with NBA 2K12. In NBA 2K11, Michael Jordan was the cover athlete and emphasis with the Jordan Challenge mode. This year, 2K looks to blow this open exponentially with the NBA's Greatest Mode, comprising of 15 legends and historic rosters, and complimented with the three different legendary cover athletes.

The new Momentus trailer showcases many of these legends, but also shines a spotlight on current stars, even with the NBA lockout looming:

Looks like the NBA 2K series is pressing forward quite hard even without competition from EA Sports, perhaps cementing their place on the throne before another EA basketball sim can make it out.

NBA 2K12 is releasing October 4th in the US.