More Street Fighter x Tekken Character Teasers

By Dog of Thunder, 7 years ago
I absolutely hate these 30 second videos of random character parts being used to "tease" the Street Fighter x Tekken roster. Out of protest, I will link to gameplay videos we have posted in the past month instead of reminding you about previous "teasers".

I will say, Poison's inclusion in the playable roster alongside Hugo must make more sense to people after they have played Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition. If you have played the recent XBLA release, then one shot from this teaser will look very familiar to you:

Sure enough, that basketball shot reeks of Sean, but then again, Sean does not wear boots and that belt just screams Rolento.

This next video, showcasing a new character on the Tekken side, is pretty obvious.

Heihachi. I'm not too excited about it but having a Tekken game without him is like having a Street Fighter without M.Bison. Oh wait.

Street Fighter x Tekken has no release date, but my local Gamestop was trying to push it on me with an early March 2012 release date.

Tekken x Street Fighter will not be released until 2013.
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