Hogwarts Legacy player engagement is "spectacular" Warner Bros. says

By Tom West,

Hogwarts Legacy has been played for more than 260 million hours since launching on Xbox Series X|S earlier this month, and Warner Bros. Games' president says "player engagement has been spectacular."

Warner Bros. Games president David Haddad seems to be very pleased with the popularity of the Harry Potter spin-off game Hogwarts Legacy, saying "player engagement has been spectacular" since it launched on Xbox Series X|S on February 10th.

Warner Bros. Games' president "very pleased" with Hogwarts Legacy launch

When speaking to Variety, Haddad said that Warner Bros. Games "are very pleased with the initial launch and see a bright future for our other platform launches." The statement comes as no surprise, as statistics given to Variety show that players have spent more than 267 million hours in Hogwarts Legacy, growing 393 million magical plants and brewing 242 million potions. When not enjoying the Room of Requirement's crafting capabilities, players have also managed to destroy a whopping 1.25 billion Dark Wizards. "The player engagement is spectacular," Haddad said.

Hogwarts Legacy is currently available on Xbox Series X|S but will be heading to Xbox One on April 4th, so you don't have too much longer to wait. We were extremely impressed with the game in our Hogwarts Legacy review, calling it a "magical experience," so give that a look if you're interested in giving it a go. Additionally, achievements data has revealed the most popular Hogwarts houses.

Have you been slinging spells in Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know what you think about it down in the comments!
Tom West
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