New GamerCards and Comparisons

By Rich Stone, 9 years ago
I've had a load of new GamerCard designs sent in over the last 2 months and I've only just got round to loading them onto the site (they take a little bit of testing). Anyway, there's 5 new ones now live, go check them out at the Customize->My GamerCard page. Many thanks to those that sent them in!

Also, I've modded the comparison pages now so that you have quick dropdown access to compare any games with any of your friends. There's also a dropdown on the main Compare With Gamer page (to get there just click the little graph symbol in the button panel under on a gamer's home page).

And for those that have an interest in such things, most of the site is now 100% valid HTML markup. Bit boring really, but search engines like that sort of thing so I thought I'd sort it out!

Rich Stone
Written by Rich Stone
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