100GB of patches later, Atomic Heart's achievements seem more broken than ever

By Luke Albigés,

Atomic Heart's achievements have been an absolute state since it launched in Game Pass last week, and even after another huge patch, they still aren't fixed... if anything, they're actually more busted than before.

It's always disappointing to see games coming to Game Pass with broken achievements, and popular newcomer Atomic Heart isn't faring too well on that front — after a massive day-one patch and several smaller ones, not only are the existing problem achievements still playing up, but reports suggest even more issues have been introduced.

Atomic Heart achievements still broken after multiple huge updates

Where to even start with Atomic Heart's broken achievements? Tracking is probably the best place, since that's something that has been causing players grief as tracker progress is seemingly frozen upon closing the game, meaning you would currently need to get every achievement in one sitting to unlock the platinum-style The Motherland Does Not Forget its Heroes (and that's if it actually works at all). There have been other tracking issues too, such as certain collectables not counting properly or some types counting towards the wrong achievements. Many players are also hitting an issue with Lord of War, due to a rare crafting material failing to drop properly from bosses, thus making it impossible to craft the Railgun to finish the weapon collection.

Players seeing several patches for the game over the last week might have been hoping for some of these issues to have been addressed in the updates, but alas, it seems the opposite might be true. Some players are reporting that after the latest patch, they have been unable to pop achievements in the game at all, even theoretically unmissable ones for story progress, while none of the original issues affecting the list (besides collectables counting for the wrong achievements) look to have been sorted yet. Having just tested, Neuromodules are still spawning incorrectly and can't be collected as of the new update, so still no Railgun fun (or its triple kill achievement) for us, and the major issue with tracking still seems to be present, too. On top of that, a save-scumming glitch players were using to unlock some of the achievements which weren't tracking correctly has been patched. So for now, all we can do it wait for the next update to roll out, and hope that one has some better news for us than the chunky patches that have already dropped.

What achievement issues have you encountered in Atomic Heart so far, and are they detracting from your enjoyment of the game? Let us know!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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