Cyanide drops the ball with Blood Bowl 3

By Tom West,

Blood Bowl 3 launched last week to an overwhelmingly negative response due to a host of missing features, terrible servers, a disgraceful monetisation system, and more. Cyanide has now responded to players.

If you have played Blood Bowl 3 on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One since it launched last week, you'll likely be aware of the myriad of issues it currently suffers from. Cyanide Studio has now published a blog for players, apologising for the bumpy start and detailing some of its plans.

Cyanide Studio attempts to placate unhappy Blood Bowl 3 players

It's certainly safe to say that Blood Bowl 3 won't be joining the other games on our list of the best Xbox strategy games, well, not for a while at least. The launch of Cyanide Studio's third instalment of the Blood Bowl video game franchise last week has been a tough one to watch and even tougher to participate in, as the game has already gained a 'Mostly Negative' rating on Steam from over 1,000 user reviews. Complaints have arisen from Blood Bowl 3's monetisation system, broken early access period for its premium Brutal Edition customers, lacking gameplay features, and broken servers. Cyanide has now published a blog post on Steam covering many of the complaints players have.

The blog starts with addressing the complaints regarding the game's monetisation feature, which is currently the only way to gain customisation items for your team. The real kicker here is that the in-game currency, Warpstones can only be gained through real-world purchases and the items you buy with it are for a single one of your players only, meaning you will need to re-purchase each item multiple times for your 11-player squad if you want a matching team and not a hodgepodge of styles. According to the developer, there will be ways to earn free items via levelling up in-game and the Blood Pass when Season One drops, as it wants "players to be able to unlock a lot of content for free," but as it stands right now, your only way of kitting out your team is by stumping up the cash. "We know that we will probably not be able to convince all of you," the blog reads. "But we truly believe that our system is fair, rewarding, and optional and that’s understandable."

While the game launched fully on Thursday, it was available for early access players via the Brutal Edition for 48 hours prior to launch. Unfortunately, many players were unable to play due to server issues and the game's requirement that you must be connected to Cyanide's servers to play any part of the game, many players were unable to play. The team took the game offline on Thursday to perform maintenance, but as it stands, there are still a fair few issues — I can't play online, navigate to certain parts of the menu, or a host of other things without being disconnected on Xbox Series X, for instance. Cyanide has apologised for the inconvenience and said that all Brutal Edition owners will receive 250 Warpstones for the trouble.

We recommend you head over to Steam to read the full blog if you'd like an overview of Cyanide's roadmap. Have you been playing Blood Bowl 3? Let us know your thoughts on it below!
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Written by Tom West
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