Xbox team set to look into controversial new easy achievement game

By Sean Carey,

A new easy Gamerscore title that requires you to do absolutely nothing to earn a full 1,000G has caught the attention of ID@Xbox head Chris Charla who says Xbox "will take a look" at the new game.

Aabs Animals from Japanese developer and publisher Aabs is a game (if you can even call it a game) that launched on the PS3 and PS Vita back in 2013 and has now found its way over to Xbox. Released yesterday for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One with a full suite of achievements, Aabs Animals has possibly taken the crown for being the lowest-effort quick completion.

Xbox will "take a look" at Aabs Animals, says ID@Xbox head Chris Charla

Aabs Animals

In Aabs Animals, you don't do anything. After loading into the game, you are presented with a model of a cat that does things like sleep, roll around the screen, and stare emptily into your soul. You can't interact with the fuzzy feline — all you can do is stare back. This is all summed up by the developer on Aab's Animals store page: "The content is just to keep looking at kitten." However, if you stare long enough, achievements start to pop. To unlock the game's full 1,000G, all you have to do is leave the game running for about 16 minutes. That's it.

Since its release, various debates have sprung up online about whether this 'game' should be allowed on the Xbox Store and if we could potentially see a flood of spam games similar to what we see on PlayStation. One user on Twitter brought Aabs Animals up with ID@Xbox head Chris Charla and said, "I didn't think Microsoft was going to allow 'games' like this on the main store. The trophy system is a joke because of stuff like this, and the achievement system isn't in the best place as it is." Charla replied, "Thanks for bringing this to our attention; we will take a look."

Games like this are usually reserved for the Xbox Creators Program, where new game developers can publish their games without concept approval and certain Xbox features such as achievements. From what we can tell, Aabs hasn't broken any rules when it comes to achievements, so it's possible that Aabs Animals will remain on the store unless Microsoft decides otherwise. Interestingly it appears that the developer has (or had) plans to allow individual creators to create their own animals and pay them for their contributions to the game, treating it as a sort of platform for virtual cats. Maybe in the future, some interactivity will be added to the game. Aabs also claims to have made numerous donations to charity, with money presumably earned from sales of the game, so there's that at least.

What do you make of Aabs Animals? Give us your thoughts down below.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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