Atlas Fallen coming to Xbox Series X|S in May

By Tom West,

Focus Entertainment has announced that Deck13's upcoming action-RPG Atlas Fallen will launch on Xbox Series X|S in May, taking players on a dangerous journey across a desert world filled with legendary creatures.

Atlas Fallen is the upcoming fantasy action-RPG from Deck13 Interactive, and it'll be dropping us into its sand-filled world to bring down a corrupt god on May 16th for Xbox Series X|S.

Atlas Fallen gameplay trailer to be revealed soon

Focus Entertainment revealed Atlas Fallen with a cinematic trailer during last year's Gamescom Opening Night Live but is yet to reveal any gameplay. While we do now have a release date for the creature-slaying co-op game, we're still waiting for even the slightest glimpse of gameplay. This announcement has come with some fresh screenshots and the promise of a "spectacular gameplay trailer" soon.

Atlas Fallen takes you and one other player to Atlas, a sand-covered world that's being oppressed by a corrupt god. Welding a shapeshifting weapon of divine power and the ability to glide across the world, we'll explore ancient ruins and the mysteries of a fallen society as well battle legendary creatures to liberate the planet's people.

Atlas Fallen comes to Xbox Series X|S on May 16th — if you'd like some monster-slaying action now, Monster Hunter Rise is available alongside some of the best games on Game Pass. Are you looking forward to seeing some gameplay, or are you already sold on the idea? Drop down below and let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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