Minecraft Trails and Tales free update to add archaeology, cherry blossom biomes, and more

By Tom West,

Minecraft's next free update, Trials and Tales, is set to add a host of new features to the game, from activities like archeology and bamboo crafting to a new biome, creatures, and more.

Mojang has announced that Update 1.20, or Trails and Tales, is currently in testing and represents the "journey Minecraft takes us on." It'll be packed full of new features when it heads to everyone on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass later this year.

Minecraft Trails and Tales update detailed

Mojang's continued support of its blocky sandbox game is the reason Minecraft is one of the best games on Game Pass, with yearly updates continuously adding new, free content. Later this year, the Trails and Tales update will offer us a chance to dive into hidden histories with archaeology and craft items out of bamboo. The new sniffer creature will give us new ways to find seeds and camels will be added as new mounts — perfect for travelling through the desert in search of dig sites! Armour trims will give us new ways to customise our armour, offering 11 different pattern styles that we can dye via lootable armour templates. On top of that, as with most of Minecraft's major updates, we'll be getting a new biome to explore: cherry blossom. As the name suggests, the biome is filled with cherry blossom trees, which can be broken down into full wood sets, or crafted into the new hanging sign. Pigs, sheep, and bees will spawn inside this biome as well, so it'll be a great spot for budding farmers!

So far, we only know that Trails and Tales will be available later this year, but looking at Mojang's history of dropping major updates, you can more than likely expect to see new Minecraft achievements to work through.

Will you be exploring the update when it's available? Drop down below and let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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