EpiXR forced to remove cheat codes from easy achievement games by Xbox

By Sean Carey,

Microsoft has taken action against EpiXR Games, warning the publisher and developer to remove controversial cheat codes that unlocked achievements in a matter of minutes from its games.

EpiXR Games, which is known primarily for developing and publishing the Aery series, made players aware of cheat codes for its games last year that allowed players to skip through levels, beat the game, and unlock all achievements and Gamerscore in just a few minutes. Now, Xbox has stepped in and has told EpiXR to remove these cheats codes or presumably face punishment.

EpiXR Games told to remove level-skip cheat codes that instantly unlocked achievements from games

Reports started to surface yesterday when updates began rolling out for various EpiXR games, such as Aery - Vikings and Paper Flight - Super Speed Dash. After installing, players soon found that EpiXR's cheat codes were no longer working. After reaching out to EpiXR, it was confirmed to TrueAchievements that the developer and publisher had received a complaint from Xbox about the cheats and was told to remove the codes from its games.

"We had to remove the cheat code from all of the Xbox games as we are not supposed to have cheat codes like this in the games," EpiXR Games told TrueAchievements. "We received a complaint from the Xbox team about it and are required to update the games.

"This means that these cheat codes won't be available in the future anymore as we do not want to get in trouble."

Nearly all of EpiXR's games were short and easy completions to begin with, only requiring a couple of hours to grab a full 1,000G, so it was strange to see the developer add these cheats (or at least make players aware of them if they already existed) last year. Using in-game cheat codes to unlock achievements apparently goes against Microsoft's achievement rules, but up until now, a blind eye has been turned. It remains to be seen if Microsoft will also force other developers, such as ChiliDog Interactive, to remove similar cheat codes from its games. It will also be interesting to see it Microsoft acts on Aabs Animals, a new and very controversial easy achievement 'game.'

In recent years, we've also seen Xbox take action against publisher Xitilon when it released updates that made the achievements in several games much easier to unlock.

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Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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