Vampire Survivors 2 unlikely unless dev finds "radically new" sequel idea

By Sean Carey,

A Vampire Survivors sequel probably isn't going to happen anytime soon unless developer Poncle can come up with a "radically new" idea for another instalment.

Vampire Survivors — one of the best games on Game Pass — exploded in popularity when it hit Xbox consoles last year. Since then, we've had various title updates and DLC expansions to keep players satiated, but what about a Vampire Survivors sequel? Well, developer Luca Galante has explained that because the game's current post-launch content plan has been a success, the team would need to come up with something drastically different to justify a sequel instead of releasing another update or expansion.

Vampire Survivors 2 would need to "offer something radically new"

Vampire Survivors Patch 1.2 patch notes

"With the way Vampire Survivors is designed, we can deliver both new content and new game mechanics on the existing game, so why make a sequel?" Galante told Gamespot. "I think that if we make a sequel or a spiritual successor, then we should offer something radically new."

While Vampire Survivors 2 hasn't technically been ruled out here, it's likely we won't be getting a second instalment anytime soon. Instead, we will likely have more updates and expansions to look forward to that will add even more achievements to the roguelite shooter. Vampire Survivors' latest update, The Chaotic One, added three new achievements to the game.

Are you still working your way through Vampire Survivors? Are you looking forward to more updates? Let us know down in the comments.
Sean Carey
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