Concept trailer for cancelled Doom 4 leaks online

By Tom West,

A concept trailer has appeared online, revealing Id Software's initial direction for Doom 4, which would become the acclaimed Doom (2016) that we know and love on Xbox today.

Id Software's reboot of the Doom franchise in 2016 was an incredible triumph, with its fast-paced and brutal FPS action solidifying its position among the heavyweights of the genre — it still carries the accolade as one of the best Game Pass games, which its sequel Doom Eternal has been unable to steal away. A recently-discovered concept trailer from 2012 shows that the then Doom 4 looked very different from what we finally got.

Doom (2016) looked very different in 2012

As revealed by Twitter user The Gman's Archive, a concept trailer for Doom 4 was published on ArtStation — which has since been taken down — by Id Software video editor and media artist Danny Keys, showing the original direction of the game. The trailer above shows that Doom (2016) had a much darker theme to it in 2012, with a bleak mix of grey and black colour styles and more horror-focused demons akin to Doom 3. A number of elements found in the game we finally received can easily be seen amongst the generic shooter action in the trailer, such as the weapon animations and the chainsaw glory kill.

Doom's development was a rocky one, to say the least. It was initially announced as Doom 4 in 2008, although Id Software's co-founder and lead developer John Carmack had alluded to it in 2007, and by 2009 it was in deep development. By 2012, though, which is when this trailer looks to have been made, Id Software announced that it would instead be a reboot of the franchise. According to Id executive producer Marty Straton in 2015, the initial direction for Doom 4 had many similarities to Call of Duty and lacked personality, which is why it was scrapped in favour of a reboot.

What do you think of the trailer? Would you have preferred to see Doom 4 in that style? Drop down below and let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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