Redfall will let you defang with the gang using cross-play

By Tom West,

Arkane Studios has confirmed that its upcoming vampire-hunting FPS will support cross-play when it launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC in May.

If you've been looking forward to playing Redfall in May but have been concerned that you and your vampire-hunting buddies have differing opinions as to which equipment is best to experience it on, fear not, because Arkane Studios has confirmed that cross-play will be supported.

Redfall supports cross-play between Xbox and PC

When Redfall launches on May 2nd for Xbox Series X|S and PC, you'll be able to travel to the vampire-infested town with your friends via cross-play between Xbox, PC Game Pass, the Microsoft Store, Steam, and the Epic Games Store. The developer was asked the question during a recent community Q&A session, where it also confirmed that all of the playable characters would be able to use every weapon in the game but will each have an affinity for certain weapon types.

Redfall is just one of the games coming to Game Pass this year, and if you've got an insatiable thirst for information about the upcoming bloodfest, we've put together a round-up of everything we know about Redfall for you to peruse.

Will you be hunting down the monstrosities of Redfall with pals on different services? Drop down below and let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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