Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Details

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The Call of Duty XP event is in full swing in Los Angeles this weekend, and is the place to be for the latest information on Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer's upcoming instalment of the franchise, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Yesterday saw the release of a three minute Multiplayer Premiere trailer showing new features and new game modes, as well as firm fan favourites. Activision has now elaborated more on some of the details for the online modes, which will support dedicated servers from the outset.

One of the first things that players saw in that trailer was a weapons loadout. The game features over 40 weapons that are currently in-use or being field-tested by Special Forces. The second thing that was shown in the trailer was a new feature called the Strike Package. This listed the perks and kill streaks that the soldier had activated at that time. All of these have been further detailed in an exclusive gameplay demo showcasing the menus and perks. Here it is for those of you who want to watch the video and find out the details for yourself:

The primary weapons classes encompass Assault Rifles, Sub Machine Guns, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns and a Riot Shield. A very quick glance at the Assault Rifle list in the trailer above showed ten rifles: M4A1, M16A4, SCAR-L, CM901, TYPE 95, G36C, ACR 6.8, MK 14, AK-47 and FAD. Although the secondary weapons classes weren't demonstrated, they account for the Machine Pistols, Handguns and Launchers.

The weapon progression system has been designed so that levelling unlocks, such as attachments, reticules and camouflages, and Weapon proficiencies are improved for each specific weapon. Weapon Proficiencies allow players to "specialize their weapons with new attributes", and some are unique to certain weapon classes. The list of the proficiencies for the M4A1 included:

Kick - Reduced recoil when firing.
Impact - Bullets carry more damage through material.
Attachments - Two attachments can be added to a weapon.
Focus - Reduced flinch when hit.
Breath - Hold breath when aiming down the sights.
Stability - Reduced weapon sway while aiming down the sights.
The list of attachments for the weapon was as equally comprehensive and included Red Dot Sight, Silencer, Grenade Launcher, ACOG Scope, Heartbeat Sensor, Hybrid Sight, Shotgun, Holographic Sight, Extended Magazines and Thermal. Activision has confirmed that a Dual Scope with both Close Range and Long Range optics will also be available for select weapons.

The gameplay did briefly touch on the Strike Packages, but I'll go into more detail on those later. Following that, players will be able to select one Lethal piece of equipment, and one Tactical item. The Lethal equipment list includes Frag Grenades, Semtex, Throwing Knives, Bouncing Bettys, Claymores and C4. The list of Tactical Equipment is slightly longer and includes the Flash Grenade, Concussion Grenade, Scrambler, EMP Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Trophy System, Tactical Insertion and Portable Radar.

Several new perks have made it into this year’s list. Here is a full breakdown for you:

Perk 1
• Recon - Explosive damage paints the target on the mini map * NEW
• Sleight of Hand - Faster reloading
• Blind Eye - Undetectable by air support and sentries * NEW
• Extreme Conditioning - Sprint for longer distances
• Scavenger - Resupply weapons ammunition

Perk 2
• Quickdraw - Faster aiming * NEW
• Blast Shield - Increased explosive resistance
• Hardline - Killstreaks require one less kill
• Assassin - Undetectable by UAV, portable radar, thermal and heartbeat sensors * NEW
• Overkill - Carry two primary weapons

Perk 3
• Marksman – Identify enemy targets at longer range * NEW
• Stalker - Move faster while aiming * NEW
• Sitrep - Detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions
• Steady Aim - Increased hip fire accuracy
• Dead Silence - Reduces footstep noise
Now we move onto Strike Packages. The Killstreak reward system has been completely redesigned for MW3 – it is now the Pointstreak system. For the first time in the franchise, kills are not the only way to earn Pointstreaks; completing game modes also counts towards players’ Pointstreak progression. So that different play styles are now accounted for, there are three different Pointstreak Strike Package classes with different emphasis’ on methods of gaining points. The Assault Strike Package is designed for players who cause more direct damage to other players and is most like the old Killstreak system. The streak resets when players are killed, and the rewards are designed to punish the other team. Here is a list of rewards for this Strike Package:

3 Kills
• UAV - Shows enemies on the minimap
4 Kills
• Care Package - Airdrop a random killstreak or ammo
5 Kills
• I.M.S. - The Intelligent Munitions System detects and eliminates enemy combatants
• Predator Missile - Remote control missile
• Sentry Gun - Airdrop a placeable sentry gun
6 Kills
• Precision Airstrike - Call in a directional airstrike
7 Kills
• Attack Helicopter - Call in a support helicopter
9 Kills
• Strafe Run - Strafing run of 5 Attack Helicopters
• Little Bird Guard - Get personal air support from a Little Bird guardian
• Reaper - Lase missile targets remotely from the Reaper UAV
10 Kills
• Assault Drone - Airdrop an Assault Drone
12 Kills
• AC130 - Be the gunner of an AC130
• Pave Low - Heavily armored Assault Helicopter
15 Kills
• Juggernaut - Receive advanced armor via care package
17 Kills
• Osprey Gunner - Be the gunner of an Osprey delivering several care packages
The second Strike Package is the Support Strike Package. The package is designed for players who prefer a more supportive role. The streak does not reset when players are killed, and the rewards are designed to support players within your team. Here is a list of rewards for this Strike Package (descriptions are not available):

4 Kills
5 Kills
• Counter UAV
• Ballistic Vest
• Airdrop Trap
8 Kills
• SAM Turret
10 Kills
• Recon Drone
12 Kills
• Advanced UAV
• Remote Turret
14 Kills
• Stealth Bomber
18 Kills
• Juggernaut Recon
• Escort Airdrop
The third Strike Package is the Specialist Strike Package. The package is designed for expert players and the rewards come in the form of additional perks beyond those already assigned to their custom layout. These perks are activated at two, four and six kills, but are reset upon death. Players can only assign perks that they have unlocked through levelling up.

Activision has confirmed that Death Streaks will be returning to MW3. The list of streak rewards consolations includes:

4 Deaths
• Juiced - Move faster for a few seconds after spawning
• Final stand - Last stand with a weapon equipped
• Martyrdom - Drop a live grenade upon death
5 Deaths
• Revenge - You’ll see the position of the last enemy that killed you
• Hollow Points - Increased bullet damage for one kill
6 Deaths
• Dead Man's Hand - Last stand with C4 equipped
Finally, before we move on to some gameplay footage of the multiplayer game modes, it is worth noting that the number of multiplayer ranks and Prestige levels are yet to be confirmed. However, the more eagle-eyed viewers amongst you will have noticed that of all of the items yet to be unlocked, one of them did not unlock until players reached rank 77. This is a higher number than any other Call of Duty game previously, with the previous highest being 70 ranks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Two new game modes have been confirmed for inclusion in MW3. Team Defender is a mode where players have to grab the flag and then protect the flag carrier in order to increase the score of their team. Kill Confirmed, which was the first game mode shown in yesterday’s trailer, sees players collecting dog tags from killed players to increase the score of their team. However, at the same time as collecting dog tags, players have to collect the dog tags of their own deceased team mates to prevent the opposing team from increasing their score. This next video shows about 90 seconds of Kill Confirmed gameplay on the Village map; one of 16 maps that will be shipped with the game.

There are several new game modes being introduced for private matches too. As well as these new game modes, players can also create their own customizable game modes and share them with their friends. Subscribers to Call of Duty Elite will even be able to vote on their favourite new modes, and there is every possibility that these modes will become available in the public playlists. Here are the six new modes:

Infection - The infected kills enemies to recruit them for the infected team.
Drop Zone - Hold the Drop Zone for Team Points and Care Packages.
Team Juggernaut - With the support of a juggernaut, kill players on the opposing team. The first team to reach the score limit wins.
Juggernaut - Kill the Juggernaut to become the new Juggernaut
Gun Game - Be the first to dominate with every gun
One in the Chamber - Gain ammo by eliminating enemies. Be the last to survive.
Several fan favourite game modes will be returning to MW3. One of those modes that was demonstrated in yesterday's trailer was Capture the Flag. The next video shows just under two minutes of gameplay footage of this mode on a previously confirmed multiplayer map, Dome.

Free-for-all will also be returning, and I don't think that anybody will be surprised to see Team Deathmatch making another appearance in the franchise either. The next video shows just under two minutes of gameplay footage of Team Deathmatch on a third multiplayer map, Underground. Keep your eyes peeled at the start to see one of the development team try to knife a team mate after panicking at his sudden appearance; not that I’ve ever done anything like that…

The final mode to be confirmed in yesterday's trailer was Ground War. This mode encompasses Team Deathmatch and Domination in games for up to 18 players. Footage of the Domination mode has also made it out of the Call of Duty XP, clocking in at two minutes of footage on a fourth multiplayer map, Resistance. The Juggernaut and Little Bird Guard killstreak rewards are also shown in action.

I can’t really cover the online modes completely without mentioning the Spec Ops modes. Of the two Spec Ops modes, players of Modern Warfare 2 will be familiar with the Mission Mode, as this is the one making its return from that game. Players can team up with a friend either in local or online co-op for a total of 16 new time-trial and objective based missions. Gameplay footage is yet to be released for this mode.

The second Spec Ops mode, Survival Mode, will see players face wave after wave of attacking enemies. Players can prepare themselves for tackling the conventional online modes by playing Survival Mode on any of the 16 multiplayer maps that will ship with the game. Although specific details have not been mentioned, there will be an independent rank and progression system within the Spec Ops mode. This will be based on the rank progressions that players will encounter in the conventional multiplayer modes. The player in this gameplay demo ranks up in this footage of Survival mode on the Dome map.

As mentioned in a previous roundup, players can use in-game currency to buy equipment to help themselves, such as turret guns. This footage of Survival Mode on another multiplayer map, Paris (the final map to be confirmed by Activision is Arkaden, bringing the total to six), shows this system being used to buy supporting troops and turret guns to help the two players survive for as long as they can.

That is a summary of all of the details released so far. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is due to be released on November 8th, 2011.
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