Aragami dev Lince Works announces studio shutdown

By Tom West,

Lince Works, the developer behind the Aragami series, has announced that it's closing down in April, halting all development on its projects. Its games will remain on storefronts and online co-op will still be available.

Unfortunately, we're back again to report that another studio is shutting down amid the current economic climate. Aragami and Aragami 2 developer Lince Works has announced that the studio will be closing its doors in April, halting all development on its projects.

Aragami and Aragami 2 servers to remain live after studio shutdown

Lince Works announced the closure via a statement on Twitter, citing a difficult couple of years as the team looked at creating new IPs. "We were ambitious about what we wanted to achieve as a studio, but sadly, although we made good progress, the economic context was not favourable and we ran out of time," the statement reads.

"We will always be grateful to our community and players around the world. Your loyalty and passion for our games have been our driving force, and we cannot thank you enough for the invaluable support you have shown us throughout these years," Lince Works says. "We would also like to express our appreciation to our incredible team, who have worked so hard on bringing our games to life. It is with a heavy heart that we have to separate our ways, but we know that they will continue to bring their talent and passion to the industry in the future. We will do our best to help them find the best place to continue their career."

Although the studio is closing its doors in April, Lince Works has confirmed that both Aragami and Aragami 2 will remain on digital storefronts and the co-op servers will continue to be accessible. If you've not checked them out yet, the games are stealth-based and follow the journey of the titular Aragami, a vengeful spirit that can control the shadows. Aragami 2 is available alongside some of the best games on Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and we highly recommend you give it a go.

What do you think of this news? Sad to see Lince Works go? Drop down below and let us know!
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