What games could leave Xbox Game Pass in April 2023?

By Sean Carey,

April is fast approaching, and to help you get an idea of what games to focus on before they drop out of the service next month, we've produced a list of titles that could leave Game Pass in April.

As we all know by now, not all games stay in Xbox Game Pass forever (unless it's a first-party title), and with so many new games coming to Game Pass soon, it's out with the old and in with the new. We've taken a look through all of the games that could potentially leave the Game Pass in April to give you a heads-up on what to focus on before Microsoft's official announcement drops.

12 months


Most games remain in Game Pass for a period of around 12 months. For the games listed below, come April, 12 months in the service will be up, which means these games might be on the chopping block.
April 2022 was quite a big month for Game Pass, with additions such as Bugsnax, Life is Strange: True Colors, and MLB The Show 22. For those looking for relatively quick and easy completions, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion can be finished in under three hours, MLB The Show 22 (which will almost certainly be replaced with MLB The Show 23) in under ten, depending on RNG-based achievements and skill level, and Life is Strange: True Colors in around 12 hours. Chinatown Detective Agency also has a completion estimate of around 12 hours, but the list is littered with missable achievements, so you might not have the most enjoyable time there. For Cricket 22 and Bugsnax, you'll need to set around 20 hours each, while Unsouled and Research and Destroy have completion estimates of around 40 hours. If you're some sort of masochist, you could go for the 7 Days to Die completion, which asks for 150 to 200 hours of your time and lots of grinding. For PC strategy title Panzer Corps 2, we don't have enough data to give you an estimate, but the game has a fair few difficulty achievements (albeit they are stackable), which could pose an issue.

18 months

Back 4 Blood open beta

Some games leave Game Pass after 18 months in the service. Several games which were added back in October 2021 still remain in Game Pass today.
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator was in Game Pass via Game Preview for a fair few years before it officially launched with achievements back in October 2021, so it's possible this one could hang around for longer. Either way, if you want to get it done, a completion here will take you around eight hours, according to estimates. Moonglow Bay and The Riftbreaker both have similar completion estimates of around 30 hours. However, the big loss here will be Back 4 Blood if it does leave in April. For this one, the base achievement list will take between 120 and 150 hours to finish, and you'll need to complete numerous maps on the game's highest difficulty setting. However, it's worth noting that some Warner Bros. games do stick around for a fair while: Injustice 2 has been included with the service for more than two years now, and Arkham Knight for almost four years.

24 months

Destroy All Humans! Achievements

Nearly all of the games that joined Game Pass two years ago have left, but there are a few here that are still holding on.
Aside from Destroy All Humans! the rest of the games on our list here have pretty chunky completion estimates. Destroy All Humans! and its Windows stack will take you around 15 hours a piece to complete, but for Zombie Army 4: Dead War (excluding the bajillion DLC expansions and title updates), you're going to need to set aside around 35 hours and for Outriders, around 50.

36 months

The Long Dark Game Pass DLC

Next up, we have the three-year veterans! These games have featured in Xbox Game Pass for a whopping 36 months, but it's possible that they could leave in April.
Now, The Long Dark is an interesting one. Originally, the survival game was supposed to leave Game Pass last April. However, developer Hinterland then confirmed it had renewed its contract with Game Pass for The Long Dark. We're not sure how long the terms of this contract are, but it's possible that the game could leave the service next month. As for Totally Reliable Delivery Service, the PC version of the game only joined Game Pass in December, which leads us to believe the party game will be sticking around for a little while longer yet. Still, we've included it anyway, as the console version did join 36 months ago, and there is a slim chance it might be removed. A completion for The Long Dark will take over 200 hours (better get cracking if you want this one), and for Totally Reliable Delivery service, you're looking at around ten hours for the base game.

48 months


Just one game that was added to Game Pass in 2019 remains in the service, and although there has been some shenanigans with its PC port and Game Pass recently, there is a slim chance it could be heading for the Game Pass graveyard.
The Walking Dead: New Frontier joined Game Pass many moons ago back in 2019, but we think it will likely stick around for a while yet. The PC version of The Walking Dead: New Frontier joined Game Pass back in November last year before it was pulled due to what we assume were technical reasons. It's likely that New Frontier will probably be staying in Game Pass, but to be on the safe side, we've included it on our list. Besides, a completion will take you less than ten hours here.

60 months

There aren't many games that can boast a five-year tenure in Game Pass, but there are still a few out there. These stalwarts have been included with Game Pass for a whopping 60 months (maybe 59 months if you're Cities: Skylines), but could they be about to leave?
So Cities: Skylines is an interesting one here. It joined Game Pass back in April 2018 before leaving two years later in April 2020. It was then readded back to Game Pass about a month later, so if the city builder is to leave Game Pass, it could be in either April or May this year. For the Cities: Skyline base achievement list completion, you'll need around 200 hours. ClusterTruck is a nice short one with a completion estimate of about ten hours. For theHunter: Call of the Wild, this one was down to leave back in September 2019, but its Game Pass contract was renewed. The base achievement list will take around 150 hours, but you should be aware that the game does feature two discontinued achievements courtesy of two add-ons.

Microsoft's official announcement for the second batch of games to leave Game Pass in March is coming soon, but until then, here are our predictions: What games could leave Xbox Game Pass in March 2023?

Will you be starting any of these games? Let us know down in the comments!
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