The Callisto Protocol to add more brutal achievements with Contagion Bundle DLC

By Sean Carey,

Striking Distance Studios has announced a release date for The Callisto Protocol Contagion Bundle DLC, which will add some more brutal achievements to the survival horror game.

The Contagion Bundle for The Callisto Protocol launches on March 14th and adds a new permadeath mode with reduced ammo and health drops, 14 new death animations, and the Watchtower Skin Collection. It will also add some more tough achievements for players to unlock.

The Callisto Protocol Contagion Bundle DLC launches on March 14th

As per The Callisto Protocol achievements over on the Epic Games Store, The Contagion Bundle DLC will add two new achievements to the game that will seemingly require players to play through the game yet again. Glutton for Punishment requires you to beat the game in Contagion mode, while You Belong Here asks you to finish The Callisto Protocol in Contagion mode without dying — pretty brutal stuff. It looks like there might be a third secret achievement coming with the DLC, but it's currently hidden on the Epic Games Store. The new list will hopefully scan in on Xbox soon, so we should be able to get a look at that hidden achievement shortly.

The Callisto Protocol set to add even harder achievements with Contagion bundle DLC

In previous title updates, Striking Distance has added achievements to The Callisto Protocol for finishing the game in New Game Plus mode, finishing the game in Hardcore mode, and finishing the game in Hardcore New Game Plus mode.

Will you be returning to The Callisto Protocol for these achievements? Let us know!

Thanks to red MANS pryD3 for the heads-up!
Sean Carey
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