Xbox LIVE Rewards Scheme Expands Again

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
The Xbox LIVE Rewards scheme started in December 2010 for residents of the US and the UK. In July, the scheme was expanded to include residents of Canada, and now the scheme is expanding again. The FAQ has been updated to specify that residents of Mexico, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand have been added to the program too.

The e-mails that we have received from members of the community indicate that residents of Australia and New Zealand can sign up for the program immediately. Residents of France and Germany may not be eligible for the program until September 22nd, although it won't hurt to attempt to sign up now. The start date for Mexico has not been clarified. Bear in mind that it takes up to 36 hours for your gamertag to be linked to your rewards account once you have signed up.

Xbox LIVE Rewards is open to both Free and Gold LIVE members, and it rewards participants for doing simple tasks, or purchasing select marketplace content. Members can only earn reward points once your rewards account is active - prior transactions do not count. Here is a list of activities that will earn you reward points, but please see the terms and conditions for full details on earning rewards:

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US and Canada residents have to activate and use a new Netflix subscription on Xbox LIVE to gain the equivalent 100 MSP earned by UK Sky subscribers. I am unsure of the equivalent for members of the latest regions to be added to the list.

The 'purchase select Xbox LIVE Marketplace content' activity varies each month. September's requirement is the purchase of any two Avatar items throughout the month. Doing this rewards members with an 80 MSP rebate.

All rewards points are displayed in your account as pending. Once you have earned 100 or more pending points, they will be deposited into your Xbox LIVE account by the 15th of the following month. These points will expire on June 30th, 2012, the day that the Rewards program is due to finish.
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