Xbox looking into controversial achievement stack for easy Gamerscore title

By Sean Carey,

A new language stack for easy Gamerscore title One Step After Fall has caught the eye of Xbox, with ID@Xbox head Chris Charla confirming that the team "will take a look" into the controversial achievement stack.

Developed by TBGS Indie Studio, One Step After Fall is a first-person narrative adventure game released in January with an easy achievement list that can be completed in under 15 minutes. Shortly after launch, TBGS Indie Studio updated the game with a very easy 1,000G title update and also released a Windows version of the game, complete with the title update and achievements totalling 2,000G. While having a separate Windows stack isn't anything controversial, TGBS has started releasing different language versions of the game (with 2,000G achievement lists), which some aren't happy about.

Xbox "will take a look" at new language stacks for quick completion, ID@Xbox head says

Last week, TGBS released One Step After Fall (Español), complete with a 2,000G achievement list. It's exactly the same game as the original, only that it includes the Spanish language. Now, it's planning on releasing another version of the game later in March in German (again, with another 2,000G achievement list). Some believe that, if left unchecked, we might end up in a situation similar to PlayStation, where the trophy system has been flooded with paid platinums that also have multiple region and platform trophy stacks. Quiz Thiz Austria, for example, has eight different trophy stacks on its own before it descends into madness with different editions of the game for a grand total of 32 lists.

One user on Twitter brought One Step After Fall up to ID@Xbox head Chris Charla, asking, "How many versions of a game can release with no changes except language and still get a unique achievement list? I see this one game is up to three releases. Seems like it's getting a bit overboard." To which Charla replied, "Thanks for the heads up, we will take a look!"

As far as we know, TGBS hasn't broken any rules when it comes to these achievement stacks, so it will be interesting to see if Microsoft takes any action before the release of One Step After Fall (Deutsch). Over on Steam, One Step After Fall launched a year ago, and from what we can see, TBGS is yet to release any different language versions of the game.

Charla also recently said the Xbox team was looking into the controversial new easy achievement game Aabs Animals, which is possibly the lowest-effort completion of all time.

What are your thoughts on these language stacks for One Step After Fall? Let us know down in the comments.
Sean Carey
Written by Sean Carey
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