Five games already confirmed for Game Pass next month

By Heidi Nicholas,

While we wait for Microsoft's announcement of next month's Game Pass lineup, here are five games already confirmed for Game Pass in April. [updated]

We're still making our way through March, but while we wait for Microsoft to announce more games coming to Game Pass, we can look ahead to five titles already confirmed as joining the Game Pass library in April, including Ghostwire: Tokyo, which was finally announced for Xbox and Game Pass!

Everspace 2 — April 6th (PC Game Pass)

This first one is just for PC Game Pass — open-world space shooter Everspace 2 leaves Game Preview and joins PC Game Pass on April 6th, while the Xbox Series X|S version will follow this summer.

Ghostwire: Tokyo — April 12th

Former PS5 exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo, an open world action adventure game from Xbox Game Studios' Tango Gameworks which sees you dealing with otherworldly dangers, arrives for Xbox Game Pass on April 12th, and alongside its Xbox launch we'll also get its Spider's Thread update with a new mode and more.

Minecraft Legends — April 18th

Action strategy game Minecraft Legends launches into the Game Pass library on April 18th, and sees us assembling the mobs of the Overworld to save it from the piglins and their Nether corruption. If you're looking for more info on this one, check out our Minecraft Legends roundup!

The Last Case of Benedict Fox — April 27th

Later in the month, we'll get Metroidvania adventure game The Last Case of Benedict Fox, which sounds like an interesting mash-up of ideas and elements, as it cites its inspirations as including everything from Lovecraftian themes to jazz music. It sees us bonded with a demon and investigating the minds of the dead to solve a murder and a disappearance.

Homestead Arcana

We don't yet have a specific release day for magical farming game Homestead Arcana, but we do know it's definitely set to join Game Pass in April, when we'll work with our cat familiar to restore the land from the corruption of the Miasma.

Which of April's additions are you most interested in so far? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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