Next Hitman game "on hiatus" as studio goes all-in on Project 007

By Tom West,

IO Interactive says it will continue to work on Hitman World of Assassination, but any new Hitman projects are on hiatus while the team focuses on Project 007.

During a recent interview, IO Interactive's co-owner and COO Christian Elverdam said that the next "major" Hitman game is currently on hiatus as the team is focusing on Project 007. It sounds like the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy will continue to receive updates, though, and can currently be played alongside some of the best games on Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

IO Interactive focuses on Project 007, putting next Hitman game on hold

When speaking with Eurogamer, Elverdam confirmed that IOI will continue to work on the World of Assassination, which includes Hitman, Hitman 2, and Hitman 3, calling it "a wonderful platform where we can keep experimenting with what the formula can do and what people expect of it." The team recently added the Freelancer mode, and it sounds like more features could be coming in the future. As for a brand-new game, though, Everdam says that "like any creative," IOI would like to "go in and say, 'okay, well, with everything we've learned, what would that be if we had to re-articulate a sandbox — what would that look like?'

"Right now a major, major new Hitman game: that's a little bit on hiatus," Elverdam says, "as we're building another agent fantasy that's also taking up a lot of our time." The team is currently focused on its James Bond game, Project 007, but Everdam confirms that "obviously we'll come back to beloved Agent 47. He's still very much in the heart of this company."

As for Project 007, IOI's studio director Hakan Abrak said last year that the game won't feature a James Bond based on the likeness of any of the actors that have played him in the films, and it'll feature its own story. The company also announced in February that it's working on a new "online fantasy RPG" game.

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Written by Tom West
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