PC Game Pass title Coral Island gets new spring update

By Heidi Nicholas,

Stairway Games has dropped a major content update for Coral Island. The farming sim is available with PC Game Pass in Game Preview.

Coral Island, the beautiful farming sim where you tend your own farm and revitalise the town and its coral reefs, now has its major spring update, adding a new festival, new NPC content, new places to explore, and more.
coral island spring update

Coral Island's spring update is now live

The spring update brings with it the Tree Planting Festival, where you replant the Purwo Woods which have been decimated by illegal logging — once the trees have been completely restored (which should take a few years) Stairway Games says "the event will turn into something. Replant and find out!"

More new content includes the option to open the Wind Gate to explore and find new ores and gems. The Giants Village is also available to visit, and the first part of its storyline is ready to play through. You can also make friends with the Giants and enchant your tools at their village. You can upgrade your house further for more rooms and another floor, buy sheep and ducks at the ranch, build new machines, find new fruit plants, look through new hairstyles, clothing, beards, and decor, and more.

NPCs will also have new dialogue and new heart events — they'll also get into the spring spirit and will change into swimwear when hanging out on the beach or at the springs.

Will you be hopping into Coral Island to try out the new update? Stairway Games adds that it'll come to Xbox after the PC's full release — in the meantime, you can check out all the other games coming to Game Pass to see what's on the way!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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