Citizen Sleeper adds last DLC episode in upcoming free update

By Heidi Nicholas,

Citizen Sleeper's final DLC episode, Purge, arrives later this month and will be a free update for those who already have the game.

Citizen Sleeper sees the final episode of its DLC sequence, Purge, arrive later this month on March 30th as a free update.
citizen sleeper purge dlc

Episode: Purge arrives for Citizen Sleeper on March 30th

Details on this final DLC episode are scanty, but the Citizen Sleeper team says you'll "witness the future of Erlin's Eye and make your final choice," while the game's site says "the story of the Flotilla, the Eye, and the wider Helion system comes to a turning point."

Citizen Sleeper ranked on our list of the best Game Pass additions of 2022 for May, and even once you've finished up with this one, there are still a huge number of games coming to Game Pass to look forward to as well.

Will you be diving back into Citizen Sleeper on March 30th for episode: Purge? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
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