Paradox reveals final free content for Game Pass builder Cities: Skylines

By Tom West,

Following the announcement of Cities: Skylines II, developer Colossal Order has revealed that it will no longer create new content for its predecessor, Cities: Skylines from May, but a lot will be added before then.

Titled Cities: Skylines World Tour - Last Stops, the final influx of free updates coming to one of the best Xbox simulation games, looks to be jam-packed with new content. Two separate updates are planned for March and May before the team stops additional development on the Game Pass game so it can focus on the recently announced Cities: Skylines II.

Cities: Skylines World Tour - Last Stops reveal

As revealed on the Paradox Interactive website, the first free update will drop on March 22nd, adding three Creator Packs and three Radio Stations: 80s Movies Tunes, Pop Punk Radio, and JADIA Radio. The Creator Packs introduce various shopping malls for your city, a host of African architecture-themed items that highlight the continent's vibrant colours, and a host of sports venues like football and baseball stadiums and community sports parks.

Following that in May, the final free update will add three more Creator Packs and the Piano Tunes and 90s Pop Radio Stations. The last influx of content will explore the history of the Industrial Revolution with growable buildings, add stations, trains, buses, and more with the Railroads of Japan, and celebrate the evolution of Brooklyn and Queens.

Following the final free update in May, Colossal Order will only support Cities: Skylines with bug fixes and general maintenance as its attention will focus on Cities: Skylines II — which is one of the games coming to Game Pass later this year.

Will you be adding any of these new items to your city? Drop a comment below and let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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