One Step After Fall developer plans to release more language achievement stacks

By Sean Carey,

Developer TBGS Indie Studio says it plans on releasing more language stacks of easy achievement game One Step After Fall and that more free title updates are also on the way.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Xbox was looking into a controversial new achievement stack for first-person narrative adventure game One Step After Fall. First released in January, One Step After Fall is a quick completion with a current total of 2,000G that can be finished in around 15 minutes. In recent weeks, TBGS has released a Windows version, complete with 2,000 Gamerscore and a Spanish language stack, again with achievements. Now TBGS has confirmed that a fourth German language version of One Step After Fall is coming on March 28th, which some believe is a step too far. However, TBGS has confirmed that this is only the beginning.

More language achievement stacks for One Step After Fall are on the way

When asked if the developer had plans to release One Step After Fall in other languages with achievement stacks, TBGS' Alexandre Nunes said, "We do," and that TBGS is focusing on translating the game in the regions in which it's currently popular. "[We're] still not sure which version will come tomorrow," Nunes said. "There is a path between requesting the version and Microsoft approval. [For] some versions, we have fans who are dedicating their time to helping us with the translation."

According to Nunes, the idea of translating the game into different languages came from when a YouTuber acquired the game and translated all of the text for their viewers. "One Step After Fall is a storytelling game, which addresses the meaning of life," Nunes said. "Ensuring that the story we create can reach new people and that they can appreciate the message we convey within the game is a goal." When asked why the game couldn't simply be updated with new languages instead of releasing new versions with achievements, Nunes said there is a "technical limitation on including new languages" and that One Step After Fall "was never intended to have more than two languages" (English and Brazilian Portuguese).

One Step After Fall language stacks easy achievements

One Step After Fall originally launched on Steam in March 2022, and we were curious as to why TBGS didn't start there with new language versions. Nunes says that the game's performance on Steam was "important but not satisfactory" and that TBGS is "made up of Xbox gamers" with the goal of bringing its games to people on Xbox.

The language stacks have proven controversial amongst the achievement community, with some happy that they can get some easy Gamerscore and others fearing it further devalues the achievement system and that it sets a precedent for other quick completion publishers to start pushing out more versions of the same game with language changes. When asked if TBGS had any thoughts on the mixed response from the community to the new stacks, Nunes said, "Each person has the right to express what they think. We have a lot of people chatting with us on Twitter and saying the translated versions are amazing. So it's indifferent to us what some members within a particular group think. We are not breaking any rules, and the balance has been positive."

One Step After Fall language stacks easy achievements

As far as we can tell, Nunes is right here. TBGS hasn't broken any of Microsoft's rules when it comes to these language stacks and achievements. ID@Xbox head Chris Charla said recently Xbox was going to "take a look" at the upcoming German version of One Step After Fall. When asked for clarification on Charla's tweets about One Step After Fall (and the situation with easy completion Aabs Animals), Microsoft declined to comment.

"So far, there is no restriction from Microsoft for what we have done," Nunes said. "If tomorrow he decides it's banned, we don't see a problem with that."

What are your thoughts on TBGS releasing more language stacks of One Step After Fall? Let us know down in the comments.
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