Microsoft inks fourth ten-year Call of Duty agreement

By Tom West,

Xbox head Phil Spencer has announced that Microsoft has signed another ten-year agreement, which would see PC Game Pass and Activision Blizzard titles head to the Japanese cloud gaming platform Ubitus.

Following yesterday's news that a deal had been made with Boosteroid, head of Xbox Phil Spencer has revealed that a similar ten-year partnership has been made with the cloud gaming platform Ubitus. The deal will see Microsoft offer PC Game Pass and Activision Blizzard games on the Japanese service, following a successful acquisition.

PC Game Pass and Activision Blizzard titles will be available on Ubitus following acquisition

Call of Duty 2023

Microsoft has attempted to appease regulators once again by signing another deal that will see PC Game Pass and Activision Blizzard titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II appear on yet another platform, providing the acquisition is given the go-ahead.

"Microsoft and Ubitus , a leading cloud gaming provider, have signed a 10-year partnership to stream Xbox PC Games as well as Activision Blizzard titles after the acquisition closes," Spencer announced on Twitter. "Our commitment is to give more players, more choice."

We've already seen similar deals made with Nintendo, Nvidia, and Boosteroid, which looks to be aimed at backing up Microsoft's claim that the Activision Blizzard acquisition will see franchises like Call of Duty "surpass more than 150 million additional players."

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Tom West
Written by Tom West
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