Sea of Thieves adds new achievements with Season Nine

By Heidi Nicholas,

Season Nine kicks off in Sea of Thieves today — along with a wave of content, it brings with it five new achievements worth a total of 150 Gamerscore.

With Season Nine of Sea of Thieves, you'll find the Chest of Fortune in the vault of the Forts of Fortune. These offer up lots of gold but also apparently count towards new Commendations which in turn can help you get pieces of the Fates of Fortune ship set, "with more items from the set to be unlocked in future seasons." Season Nine also brings updates to Reaper and Reaper's Bounty chests, as these can earn you Fates of Fortune weapons. Plus, you'll be able to see their beacons at all times, even when they've been picked up already. Rare has rebalanced the difficulty of certain world events, while Ghost Ship battles are back and "expertly tuned." You'll also be more likely to encounter the Megalodon and Kraken — whether this sounds like a good thing or not, I'll leave up to you. Among Season Nine's other offerings will be new Voyages for Pirate Legends, 100 levels of rewards to earn, new Emissary rewards, and more.

Most of all, Season Nine brings with it new achievements, which seem to revolve around Skulls of Destiny, Forts of Fortune, and Reaper's Chests, Chests of Fortune, and more. Read on below for the full Season Nine achievement list for Sea of Thieves — there are five achievements worth a total of 150 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Sea of Thieves Season Nine achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Getting A Head Uncover a Skull of Destiny. 10
Hot-Headed Use a Skull of Destiny to begin 3 Fort of the Damned events. 15
Fortune-ate Outcome Conquer 3 Forts of Fortune. 25
A Favour for the Flame Hand in 30 Reaper's Chests or Reaper's Bounties. 50
Favour the Bold Hand in 30 Chests of Fortune. 50
Will you be hopping into Sea of Thieves today to hunt down Season Nine's new achievements? Let us know in the comments!
Heidi Nicholas
Written by Heidi Nicholas
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