Deck13 digs deep into the sands of Atlas Fallen, showcases combat, world, and more

By Tom West,

After revealing the first gameplay trailer for Atlas Fallen earlier this week, Focus Entertainment has now dropped a deep-dive trailer for the action-RPG, exploring the world, combat, beasts, and more.

Atlas Fallen launches on Xbox Series X|S and PC on May 16th, and will take us to a desert world as a sand-controlling hero on a mission to take down corrupted gods and legendary monsters. The latest trailer for Deck13's action-RPG explores many of the exciting locations and creatures waiting for us, as well as some of the abilities our hero has.

Atla Fallen deep-dive trailer

In a world dominated by dunes and vast barren landscapes, Atlas Fallen follows a hero's rise against the corrupted Sun God, Thelos. Starting as a member of the lowest caste ranking on Atlas, the Unnamed, we'll hone our skills and develop powers to control the desert itself using a kill system called Essence stones. You'll use the stones to determine your playstyle, mixing and matching various abilities to find something that fits the way you want to tackle combat. Player choice is at the heart of Atlas Fallen, and as an action-RPG, deep character customisation, a vast, beautiful world to explore, and plenty of quests, adventure, and enemies to enjoy. The movement system is designed to coax you into letting loose and seeing what the world has to offer, even if that is dangerous foes lurking in the dunes. From smaller pack-hunting creatures to hulking behemoths, the creatures in Atlas are known as Sand Wraiths, creatures formed from the sand in many shapes and sizes.

Peasant, priest, knights, soldiers, and more; we're looking forward to meeting them all when Atlas Fallen lands on Xbox Series X|S. Check out the deep dive above for a closer look at the intriguing game that has definitely got our attention.

Will you be heading to Atlas in May? Drop a comment below and let us know!
Tom West
Written by Tom West
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