Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi Hero Mode Part 2

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Last Saturday we announced the inclusion of a new feature for the Dragon Ball Z games - Hero Mode. In Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi, Hero Mode will allow players to create their own Saiyan to use in battle. In the first part of a long demonstration, Namco Bandai demonstrated the choices for name, hair style, skin colour, costumes and voice type.

Now the publisher has released a video of the second part of the demonstration showing the customisation options for skills and training. Players can choose up to three skill boosters, select an aura type and choose a fighting type. These techniques can also be customised with any of those that have been unlocked through your adventures in the game.

The customised characters will have to start training with various masters who are scattered throughout the world, so that they can learn their unique techniques and become stronger. The video ends with a sparring fight against the master C-17, and a chance to collect some new skills.

Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is due to be released on October 25th in North America and October 28th in Europe.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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