A Perfect Massage: Courtesy of XBL

By WeisGuy9, 9 years ago
Need to relax after a grueling boss battle? Have a hard day at work and need to unwind? Got a date tonight and not sure what she might like to do? Need a fun activity for your next drunken college party? Have a nagging wife/girlfriend who seriously needs a hobby?

All of these problems are now solved while sitting at home on the couch in front of your TV, and all thanks to XBL Community Games. Now, for the low, low price of only 200MSP, you too can own "A Perfect Massage" and download it straight to your trusty hard drive.

"So what is this game?", you ask. Well, good people, this is not so much a game as an application, although the possibilities for creating games around it is limited only by your imagination. This handy-dandy little piece of coding turns your Xbox controller into your own personal massager, with four different massage modes, plus a manual mode to create your own soothing vibrations. It also features adjustable settings such as Slower/Faster and Smoother/Rougher.

(It's true! I couldn't make this up even if I tried.)

But wait - that's not all!

Not only do you have finger-tip control of your own vibrations, but at the simple touch of a button you can.........wait for it..........vibrate everyone else as well.

So what are you waiting for? Shock your family, amaze your friends, and keep your girlfriend happy. Download it today (and stop on the way home and pick up some extra contollers).

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Credit for this story goes to PTC FRKNBNS