Iron Brigade's Xbox Game Pass return quietly includes DLC

By Luke Albigés,

If you're planning on playing Iron Brigade now Double Fine's game has returned thanks to Xbox Game Pass, you may be interested to know that its Rise of the Martian Bear DLC, which adds three achievements, is also included.

iron brigade free dlc xbox game pass

Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that the Rise of the Martian Bear DLC for Iron Brigade, which rejoins Game Pass today, also appears to have been made available with the service. This expansion brings an additional 50 Gamerscore across three new achievements, with estimates suggesting it should take around 4-5 hours to work through the trio.

Like the base game, the DLC is showing as either installable via Game Pass or straight-up not available on the Xbox Store, while both are still their regular prices on the old Xbox 360 Marketplace, so it looks like this is a members-only deal, rather than the DLC simply being made free as has happened with some older games previously.

Iron Brigade DLC also included with Game Pass, with extra achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Bear Buster Defeat the Martian Bear. 25
Swamp Survivor Complete wave 20 on Survival: Swamp. 10
Settlement Savior Complete wave 30 on Survival: Settlement. 15
Glad to see more Iron Brigade content and achievements than expected hitting Game Pass? Sound off below, recruits!
Luke Albigés
Written by Luke Albigés
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