Get Your Personalised Board In SSX

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
EA have announced a chance for gamers with a keen creative eye to knock up a custom SSX board design, which could then appear in the forthcoming title. Everything you need is provided for you on the web, apart from a wicked cool design (you can see I'm not down with this extreme sport slang).

Do you have a creative flair, an eye for design, and a love of custom snowboards? If so, SSX has an awesome contest for you! They are looking for passionate fans to create their own original board designs with the possibility of them being included in the final game. All you need are some Photoshop skills and a brilliant idea.
To get your design on, you'll need to head over to the official SSX Facebook page where you'll be able to download the PSD files for use in Photoshop after agreeing to the competitions rules and regulations. EA will also bundle in a helpful instructional PDF file which will provide you with the info you need to work on your design.

SSX is scheduled for a January 2012 release date.
Credit for this story goes to Dimitri