Batman: Arkham City's New Game Plus Mode Detailed

By DavieMarshall, 7 years ago
You may have heard or read some information about 'new game plus' mode within the forthcoming smash hit that is Batman: Arkham City. People weren't quite clear on the notion and clearly flooded the official forums with questions, as today a quick FAQ appeared to dispel some of the myths and confusion surrounding the game mode.

Rocksteady's European Community Manager, Sarah May, had the answers for fans hungry on the official run down:

How do I unlock New Game Plus?
Finish the game on normal or hard mode

What do I start New Game Plus with?
ALL of your gadgets from the end of your first play though, ALL of your XP (including unlocked upgrades)

What is different?
No counter icons on thugs
Different Thug Levels: tougher thugs are available from the start of the game
Different Thug Configuration
Increased difficulty Bosses : Bosses will be even more cunning

How is it different from Hard Mode?
The main difference is that you will have ALL of your gadgets and xp so even though the enemies may be tougher you will have the technical upper hand

Is New Game Plus one difficulty setting?
Yes, regardless of whether you finish the game on normal or hard new game plus will be the same difficulty

Can I still replay the game without New Game Plus?
Yes you can, however you won't start with all your gadgets
It sounds like this will present a challenge worthy enough of Bruce Wayne himself. To finish, as if you needed reminded at this point, Batman: Arkham City will reach store shelves October 18th in North America, October 19th in Australia, and October 21st in Europe.