Battlefield 3 Battlelog to be Free

By Michelle Balsan, 7 years ago
We're only a couple months away from two of the biggest launches of the Holiday season: Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, and the comparisons between the two are certainly beginning to become more and more prevalent.

Of course, many lines are being drawn between the two. Both are big-budget, highly anticipated, AAA, FPS releases which will be vying for your money. Beyond that, there seems to be many similarities in design philosophy, including the addition of a social and stat-tracking feature; Modern Warfare 3's Call of Duty: Elite and Battlefield 3's Battlelog.

We knew that Call of Duty: Elite would include a paid-for Premium edition of the service, and that lead Wedbush Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, to predict yesterday that we would see the same for Battlelog.
Battlelog is a free service for Battlefield 3 players that will provide statistics, social networking tools, friend list management, squad setup, and platoons, all with built-in voice chat. Although Battlelog and non-premium Elite memberships are free and offer many similar features, we think that many hard core Call of Duty gamers will opt for premium Elite, particularly if the total DLC spend for Battlefield 3 is expected to exceed $50. Ultimately, we expect Electronic Arts to emulate Activision and charge for Battlelog by including map packs with the service for a $50 fee.
EA, after being contacted by Industry Gamers, has spoken out about this prediction, and has confirmed that Battlelog will be 100% free. Here's the statement which was provided:
We are providing Battlelog to Battlefield 3 players to deliver the best social, multiplayer FPS experience in the market. We have no plans to charge for this service with Battlefield 3. The Battlefield series has always been about playing with friends, and Battlelog takes that experience to the next level by serving as a unique social network.
Now, of course, this does not mean that there will *never* be a premium version of Battlelog, but at least for now, Battlefield 3 players won't have to worry about that cost on top of the cost of purchasing the game itself.
Michelle Balsan
Written by Michelle Balsan
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