Minesweeper (WP7) Difficulty Adjusted

By NinjaDave04,
As reported on WPCentral, Microsoft and Babroga, the developer, noticed when they released their free game Minesweeper (WP) that it seemed extremely difficult to solve the puzzles. Why is this? Well there were way too many mines in the levels!

Since the Minesweeper control file is stored on a Microsoft server, and because it's an XML file, it can be updated without the need for a patch. All you will have to do to apply the update is load up the game with an active internet connection and then load up the Leaderboards; if that doesn't work then just restart the game and the update should be applied.

Here is a list of what exactly was done to each game mode and difficulty to make it easier to complete and get the achievements:
Classic mode

Mines reduced from 36 to 24
Experience reward increased from 150 to 200
Mines reduced from 76 to 60
Experience increased from 250 to 300
Speed mode

Mines reduced from 15 to 12
Experience increased from 150 to 200
Mines reduced from 40 to 24
Experience increased from 200 to 300
Experience increased from 300 to 400
Minesweeper is a free game for the Windows Phone 7 and is available on the Marketplace for download.

We've got the full list of Minesweeper (WP) achievements - check the list for guides to unlocking them.