Street Fighter III: 3rd SOE DLC Mix-up [UPDATED]

By Rebecca Smith, 7 years ago
Some of you will have noticed that yesterday's Arcade DLC Roundup was severely delayed and didn't appear until very late. This was due to some confusion over DLC for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition. DLC initially appeared on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for this game, but when the article came to be written, the DLC could not be located on and had disappeared from the Xbox dashboard. We published the Roundup with the intention of updating the article if the DLC reappeared, although an update from Capcom indicates that may not happen for a while.

Yesterday was due to see the release of "Color Pack 1", according to the game's producer Derek Neal. This is the DLC that was released on the Marketplace, but contained incorrect files. Players who downloaded the content instead received a number of replay files that showed up in their download history as "Match Pack 1". Capcom made the decision to pull the DLC from the Marketplace and are now "working diligently" to release the correct DLC in its place.

Players who purchased the incorrect DLC have to contact Capcom's customer service department here and click on the "Ask a Question" option. Once the revised DLC has been released onto the Marketplace, these players will receive a redemption code that allows them to download the correct DLC for free. However, the incorrect DLC will have to be deleted first in order for the correct DLC to be able to work properly.

Vince from Capcom also added some clarification about the contents of the real "Match Pack 1" in his blog:

Please rest assured that despite being labeled as such, the replay data is not "Match Pack 1". Each Match Pack that we are preparing will not only contain professional commentary, but also information on all the pro players that helped to capture the footage and a Match Pack that contains a “best of” selection.
Edit: The correct version of "Character Color Pack 1" has been re-released onto the Marketplace. The DLC costs 240 MSP and can be downloaded from here.
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Rebecca Smith
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