Shoot Many Robots Now With 100% More Fruit F**king

By Dog of Thunder, 8 years ago
Shoot Many Robots, the mash up of side scrolling shooters and RPGs, will be coming to us in 2012 courtesy of developer Demiurge and publisher, Ubisoft. If you have forgotten about this game, like I did, then it may behoove you to go back and check out the latest trailer. It's okay, I'll wait.

Back? Good. Now take a moment to shoo any impressionable children out of the room. Once they're gone, we can talk about the latest piece of Shoot Many Robots news. It's NSFW (Not Safe For Work) due to strong language and copious amounts of fruit reaming. Are you ready?

Penny Arcade the twisted tandem behind the PAX gaming convention and Child's Play charity, also run a little web comic. Maybe you have heard of it. Back in 2001, they made a throw away joke about the Fruit F**ker 2000. In 2002, we finally got to see one. Later we got to see one engage in carnal relations with an orange. What does this horny little Fruit F**ker have to do with Shoot Many Robots?

That's right, the Fruit F**ker 2000 is no longer content with only three games, Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 1, Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode 2 and Ms. Splosion Man (he has a cameo appearance) on his resume. Not only does the Fruit F**ker horribly violate the main character, but he adds penetration to your bullets, so there is a valid gameplay reason to have a foot tall metal robot humping your head.

We can all enjoy fruit f**king, or well, skull f**king in this case, when Shoot Many Robots arrives in early 2012.